The Cache Core Team Evolving Cache in Response to Cache Community Feedback and Adapting for the Future

Cache has several Core Values:

  • Universally Accessibility
  • Mimic Everyday Cash & Become a Medium for Daily Transactions
  • Create Stable Jobs
  • Decentralised finance (aka DeFi)
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Multi-Sig Wallets
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • Cache Social Platform
  • Cache Card
  • Cache ID
  • Community Governance

Getting involved with the Discord community.

Cache’s Discord is a homely, spam-free place filled with other Cachers from around the world.
Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.”

Why Discord?

Discord is a great place to interact with other members of the community. Its more like a less-formal “Slack”, if you know what that is. The Cache Team have worked hard to keep the Discord clean and spam-free, and everything that’s wrote there revolves around Cache in some way. That…

Cache aims to study the best practices of the fiat world and work towards developing products to be user-friendly for the people.

The Cache blockchain network is a worldwide collaboration of members dedicated to creating digital economics suitable and usable in real-world situations for all. The motivation behind The Cache project is simple: There are an estimated 2 billion people who currently lack access to effective and beneficial financial services. And many others subjected to the caveats and self-interests of centralised banking.

How Cache will achieve this?

Although existing infrastructure has been instrumental in generating wealth, wealth opportunities do not pass down this excluded population in many walks of life. It excludes hard working people and disadvantaged people in need. It also is detrimental to those that…

Cache — Privacy Focused Decentralised Finance

Adapting for the future

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