$CXCHE — Cache, Privacy Focused Decentralised Finance.

Cache aims to study the best practices of the fiat world and work towards developing products to be user-friendly for the people.

The Cache blockchain network is a worldwide collaboration of members dedicated to creating digital economics suitable and usable in real-world situations for all. The motivation behind The Cache project is simple: There are an estimated 2 billion people who currently lack access to effective and beneficial financial services. And many others subjected to the caveats and self-interests of centralised banking.

Although existing infrastructure has been instrumental in generating wealth, wealth opportunities do not pass down this excluded population in many walks of life. It excludes hard working people and disadvantaged people in need. It also is detrimental to those that have developed wealth but lose much of it to centralised profit interests. Decentralisation means that there is not a single point of failure or one single body of power in control. Identical records are kept across thousands of computers through a peer-to-peer network to ensure integrity of records and eliminate activities of bad actors and self-interests. The Cache decentralised blockchain is permission-less which means participation is available to everyone respective of their wealth, status, or where they live. The Cache blockchain project is also censorship resistant. This allows participants to grow wealth with their privacy intact, without the influences of central banking authorities, and ensures fairness for all in a world free of data monetisation by wealthy self-interests. The Cache project brings together in the one place the many developments, features, and benefits of the evolution of blockchain technology. The founder and team donating time and resources to create Cache invite you to participate and realise your own financial benefits without the limitations of centralised wealth interests.

The answer to this is simple and asks a question back to this, do you value privacy where your money is concerned?
If the answer is yes then we believe Cache is ideal for you. This is because we use privacy features to prevent on-chain analysis. This means, just like everyday cash, all transactions are fungible and we as the Cache team believe this is vital aspect of our project. Cache isn’t just for sending transactions across the blockchain, we also provide banking features on our blockchain without the aid of 3rd parties. You can deposit your coins onto the Cache blockchain to earn a reward over time based on APR and the amount you deposit. Cache also allows you to message your peers across the blockchain, privately so they cannot be read by people who attempt to do so.
As you can tell, we’re all about privacy being a right and not an option.

The Cache team currently comprises of have 2 main core members, team partners, node operators, testers, and other supportive individuals from around the globe. The core team members are Effy (Jack) and Tastiger (Mark). Effy mainly works on the development of Cache’s software whilst Tastiger works and manages community relations and backend services. At Cache, we believe that every working member must get a wage to cover the costs of the time they are putting into the project. We believe in creating stable blockchain jobs that workers can be proud to include on their CV. Cache aims to give anyone a chance to earn a stable income by working for the project and be paid to do so. By doing this, Cache hopes to encourage individuals from all walks of life with incentive to work alongside the Cache team and benefit from and sharpen the skills they currently have. Join us!

We look towards the things we’ve done rather than the things we’re planning to do as things aren’t always in our control and some of the goals that would be projected onto a “Roadmap” would require 3rd party involvement.

  • September 2020
    Cache Hash
    To make sure there are no ASIC or FPGA machines mining Cache, we have taken the steps to modify a pre-existing algorithm to create what is essentially a new algorithm. There is also Mining & Pool software for this algorithm but not from it’s official base yet. The modified software is completely open source and it can be found on GitHub.
  • September 2020 — November 2020
    Cache Testnet
    It is standard for any new network to under-go a testnet stage before they initially launch a new blockchain. This is to potentially fix any problems that may arise during the early blocks of the blockchain. All the coins from the testnet are absolutely worthless and in no way represent any sort of value, nor can they be swapped for the real, mainnet.
  • November 2020
    Cache Mainnet
    Cache’s mainnet is set to launch on the 15th of Novemeber 2020 at roughly 10am GMT.

Cache’s supply is currently locked in at 500 million to be distributed through mining and earning rewards on deposits into our blockchain. In most other cryptocurrencies, the reward p/Block get smaller as time goes by making less of a reward to split with the miners that are hashing away. We can use BTC as an example with The Halvening. Cache is different. With our planned emission, the reward p/Block increases over time rather than decreasing. Even though Cache has 5 decimals, the reward is increased by 2 decimals for simplicity. Every 60 days, the block reward increases by 0.25 which means that early miners are not gaining an advantage over the later miners. To protect the chain from spilling multiple million amounts of coins, as we see with higher block rewarded currencies, Cache starts at a block reward of just 5 and increases in total of 1.25 p/year.

A Discord community is the next generation of social engagement. You may or may not have heard of it yet, but Discord is a very popular voice and text chat platform. We have decided to use Discord to properly engage with the chatty users that will be using the Cache blockchain. Cache also uses Twitter as another form of contact with its handle being @CacheCore.
Currently, we have decided to let the community design a new logo for Cache as it has been pointed out that our current logo looks similar to Electroneum at first glance. We have already had a great response to the bounty as we have a had a few submitted designs (#dev-bounty in Discord). We have allocated a reward for the chosen design to help encourage user activity.
A firm community is what drives the popularity and strengths of the project. Members of the community will always drive for more people to join, more development and general attraction of the project. Usually the early adapters of a project end up becoming loyal to that project, they’re good souls.

Here are the main key differences from Bitcoin:
- Cache is x5 faster at processing payment than Bitcoin.
- Cache allows you to send private transactions.
- Cache lets you earn interest on coin which you own over time through its decentralised banking system.
- Cache lets you send privately encrypted messages.

Discord — https://discord.gg/PHyGJjg
GitHub — https://github.com/cache-core
Reddit — https://reddit.com/r/cxche
Telegram — https://t.me/cxche
Twitter — https://twitter.com/cachecore

Website — https://cxche.org
Blockchain Explorer — https://explorer.cxche.org
Offline Wallet Generator — https://cxche.org/paper

Created by a community member named @Vababaika on Discord.