Getting involved with the Discord community.

Cache’s Discord is a homely, spam-free place filled with other Cachers from around the world.
Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.”

Discord is a great place to interact with other members of the community. Its more like a less-formal “Slack”, if you know what that is.
The Cache Team have worked hard to keep the Discord clean and spam-free, and everything that’s wrote there revolves around Cache in some way. That being said though, not every conversation does revolve around Cache — Sometimes, after a long day, you just want to have a casually conversation with people on your level and this community is full of different kinds of people.
We’ve organised our Discord server to try and accommodate all the different kinds of people we’ll meet on our life-long journey as Cachers and we hope this short-article finds you a comfy spot.

This is the landing zone when you join our server. This channel is for any kind of chat, within reason + non-rule breaking.
This is the channel if you have any ideas you may want to implement into the project. We’ve already had some great discussions here in regards to the Cache Blockchain which resulted in changes being made.
Because Cache uses a newly modified algorithm, Cache Hash, miners may not know the expected hashrates that their hardware may get. If you have or you’re looking for new hardware and want to see its hashing rates, then checking here for other miners results and compares hashes.
Open to anybody! We mean that. If you’ve read about us, you’ll know we’re strong believers of creating stable jobs that’re paid via our Blockchain. This channel allows us to post new job offers and for users to reach out about their skills and how they could help benefit the project.
If you think you can expand the projects name, here is where you would reach out to the team in regards of any marketing questions and jobs.
Similar to #Hardware-Specs, #Mining offers support to miners who use 3rd party software such as XMRigCC or SRBMiner. We have the developers of these software's in our chat and they’re usually on hand all the time to respond to users question.
We know users are bound to experience some issues when using our software, especially if they’re new to cryptocurrency, so this channel is a safe place for those users to explain what issues they’re having and get a real, understandable response from the team and/or the community.

The Cache Discord allows no spam, ref-links, server invites or any other off-topic links unless approved by the Moderators or Team. This can be off-putting to the people who see this often in other Discord servers. As Discord is what we think is the most vital place for up-to-date information, we do not want to scare users off by allowing spam in our server.

The Cache Discord server also holds private channels within the server so:
A) Members of that role can confidently speak to each other, without the community getting involved.
B) We can moderate and decide future roles within the server. I.E. Applied for a job and is waiting further instruction.